The Play

When the Child Cries

Presented by L. Arnold Ministries and produced by L. Arnold Productions

Written and directed by Leroy A. Harris

When the Child cries is an electrifying and spiritual account of a woman and her child and their struggle to survive in a city that is too large and too cruel for a naive young woman who came from a protective environment in North Carolina.

In five acts, When the Child Cries spotlights the mother, her daughter, her uncle and her male friend with directness and heart shattering realness.

The play moves delicately through many emotional settings. The mother’s struggle to keep her sanity and one step ahead of the destruction of her and her daughters dreams of one day becoming somebody and of being relevant in society. The elderly uncle and his battle for respect, and the male friend of the mother and his determination to be independent.

When the Child Cries is a statement of social struggle and the determination to keep pushing forward, a statement to not loose sight of one’s dreams, and to hold tight to pride and dignity as sources of strength to motivate one to continue to move forward to become a positive force in society.

As presented, the play speaks to the audience, young and old, of the importance of preparing one’s self to be accountable, productive and contributing to the environment in which they live. That when everyone works towards a common cause, the constructs of educational equity and social equity provides us with a community that functions with harmony and prosperity.

When the Child Cries is presented as a multicultural and family oriented event. It is affirmative, alive and real.