When the Child Cries, written and directed by Lee Harris, is a powerful five-act play. Written first as an award winning poem on family and social issues facing young mothers that transcends the ages and ethnicities. Gradually, as the gravity of social issues became prevalent and visible on multicultural families throughout our society, the search for solutions became an urgent priority and the play evolved to include faith and salvation as well.

Like many families in today’s society, the family depicted in the play presents with limited resources to address low or no income, poor or no housing, little or no education, no food, no medical or dental insurance, and no help in sight.

As the story unfolds, the tragedy brings home the message that life’s hardships can be too much to bear, and when all appears to be lost, it is faith that provides the refuge of comfort and peace to see one through.

Applying this concept, playwright Lee Harris introduces glimpses of the trials and tribulations, comedy and tragedy, and grief that a young mother has to endure in a city that proves to be unkind and cruel.  In the end, it is in faith and through salvation that her comfort is found.

When the Child Cries is too real to be a play, a statement to social struggle, a multicultural experience, and appropriate for all ages.  When the Child Cries is a play that is all about salvation.